Kurdish Fighters Conduct Nocturnal Ambush on Turkish Vehicle

first published on February 4, 2019 by

A small Kurdish assault team conducts a nocturnal ambush on a lone purported Turkish military vehicle. Immobilizing the armored truck with a point-blank RPG shot and attempting to overwhelm it, before slipping away into the darkness.

A relatively small Kurdish assault team – apparently consisting of three to four fighters – lies in wait along a road allegedly in the southeast of Turkey. Using the cover of darkness, they wait until a lone Turkish armored vehicle slowly lumbers into their kill-zone. They initiate the attack with an RPG shot at near point-blank range, quickly disabling the well lite behemoth which immediately comes to a halt along a high fence running laterally to the road. The Kurds rapidly engage the now idle target with suppressive fire before closing in.

The GoPro donning Kurd fires several controlled bursts at the vehicle, but the normally ultra-reliable AK he’s carrying malfunctions numerous times and requires repeated immediate actions. Unphased, the Kurds wait for a second RPG round to strike the vehicle before closing in for the kill. Quickly crossing the scant twenty or so meters from their positions, they begin attempting to open the vehicle and eliminate any surviving crew.

However, these attempts are thwarted by the combat locks on the buttoned-up vehicle. After several failed attempts at firing in through the driver’s side door and circling the vehicle searching for a weakness, the Kurds begin to pull back. As this happens, the trucks horn begins to blare; possible by a Turkish soldier trapped inside desperately trying to signal for help or the result of damage to the trucks electrical system. Either way, a final explosion sets the truck on fire and the Kurds disappear into the darkness.


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