Kurdish Militants Attack Turkish Military Base

first published on December 2, 2015 by

An unconfirmed video, possibly from October 2007, shows a massive assault on a Turkish Military base by Kurdish PKK militants using mainly direct-fire small arms and heavy machine guns.

The attack is reminiscent of Taliban raids on poorly placed U.S. military outposts in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. In the footage leading up to the attack, Turkish observation posts can be seen surrounding the main base on the high ground, but they are not really all that effective in detecting or defending the base from the attacks launched from such high and distant positions.

The attack appears to drag on for several hours, or possibly days, and no air support ever arrives in support of the Turkish military, nor do reinforcements. It’s likely that the PKK militants destroyed bridges or sabotaged the choked mountain supply routes in advance of the attack to keep their enemy from replenishing troops and equipment.