Kurdish Fighters Attack Turkish Outpost with a Hail of RPG Fire

first published on February 28, 2019 by

A Turkish mountaintop outpost is subjected to a sustained hail of RPG fire from Kurdish fighters in this multi-perspective video from late 2018. The largely accurate fire keeps the Turks pinned down and renders them unable to properly defend the outpost.

A small group of Kurdish fighters form up in several concealed positions below a Turkish outpost purportedly in northern Iraq. Having amassed a large number of rockets and utilizing drizzly weather conditions which would deny the Turks any air support, they initiate the attack. At least three Kurds appear to have RPG launchers and there is some unseen supporting machine gun fire heard throughout the video as well.

For nearly five minutes, the Kurdish fighters fire rocket after rocket in quick but well-aimed succession. The RPG’s rock the multiple defensive positions that comprise the isolated outpost and though there is some sporadic return fire, the Kurds largely keep the Turkish defenders pinned down throughout the entire video. With this likely being a harassment attack as opposed to an actual raid, the unscathed Kurds finish off their final RPG’s to conclude the video and probably depart the scene.


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