Kurdish Guerrilla Comes Face To Face With Enemy In Daring Raid

first published on September 5, 2019 by

Footage released by Kurdish separatist HPG guerrillas of the PKK shows a daring raid against Turkish troops in HaKkari province of southeastern Turkey last month.

daring raid

The HPG insurgents have repeatedly proven themselves to be master infiltrators as demonstrated by this video. A small group of Kurdish fighters record themselves sneaking up to, and into, a Turkish military hilltop outpost before they are detected.

The Turkish soldiers are caught off guard, and the video shows close range small arms fire wounding and eliminating the soldiers. They attack violently and rapidly and fall back just as quickly before sustaining any casualties of their own. On their way out they loot an enemy fighting position and acquire a machine gun.

The end of the video shows another battle, which also occurred in Hakkari, but three weeks prior to the first segment of footage. The HPG claim that a total of 12 Turkish troops were killed in the raids and multiple others wounded.


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