Kunduz Battle Footage Emerges, And It’s Embarrassing

first published on October 22, 2015 by

Some recent footage from the Afghan National Army’s fight to retake Kunduz has emerged and demonstrates their perpetual ineptitude.

Kunduz (source: joshsmithreporting.com )

Launching RPGs at random because there is no clear leadership or practical communication to point out distance and direction to possible Taliban targets, the Afghan troops struggle to even operate their own weapons and eventually wound one of their own with a rocket back blast due to the uncoordinated disarray.

What follows is hard to watch. The superficial injury takes the entire platoon out of the “fight.” One hero unnecessarily carries the wounded man for a few meters and sets him down, at which point the “casualty” walks off of his own accord. The entire element then abandons their post and moves to the rear to tend to their buddy’s booboo. Before the cluster of clowns can begin field amputation, urinating on, or rubbing dirt into the wound, the journalist pulls out the only field dressing for miles and tends to the injury. Although a sign of good will, the events leading up to that should have been an indicator to the journalist that he may very well need that bandage in the near future.

Kunduz (source: joshsmithreporting.com )

At least they’re consistent, and it’s somewhat comforting to know that some things never change. The world will turn, and the ANA will always suck.

The photos and video are the work of journalist Josh Smith, a reporter for Stars and Stripes.


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