King of Jordan Running Guns During Military Exercises

first published on August 27, 2018 by

The King of Jordan is the prime example of true warrior leadership. Watch him running guns during a military exercise like a beast.

Running Guns

The fighter leader concept that is old hat, and basic knowledge in the United States Marine Corps. Infantry Officers are taught at inception that in order to be a true leader, they must also be true fighters. In practice, this leader keeps his fighting force moving in the face of overwhelming odds by fighting into contact himself. This simple action of being a fighter first, and a leader at the same time factors into the cycle of the infantryman, giving him a direct example of what he should be doing on the battlefield.

Often, the first action a basic rifleman takes in contact outside of taking cover is physically look to his leadership. In this light, officers and non-commissioned officers in the United States Marine Corps are expected to embody fearlessness and aggression which will then theoretically be the actions the rifleman takes in the next few moments of contact. The fighter leader concept, while Marine Corps Doctrine however, is not something that is only practiced by the war fighters of the United States Marine Corps. In fact, it’s something that we can see in almost every military branch and unit around the world.

One of the greatest examples of this is found in the King of Jordan, King Abdullah II. With over 20 years of military experience, including time as the commander of Jordanian Special Operations and as a Cobra Pilot, it is not uncommon to find footage of the King conducting training right alongside of the military that he expects to defend his nation from the many enemy forces that surround his nation. This embodiment of the fighter leader concept leads other nations to look to Jordan’s military strength, and leads the military of Jordan on to doing some pretty amazing things.

So, if you’re a young infantry officer of non-commissioned officer, take a look at this video and think about the fighter leader concept for a moment. Ask yourself this question everyday, “Am I being the example of what I expect my men to be able to do in combat?”