King Abdullah Of Jordan Goes Beast Mode On CQB Range

first published on July 3, 2018 by

A recent video shows Jordanian King Abdullah II and Prince Hussein conduct an extremely fluid battle drill on a CQB live fire range.

The duo begin the drill mounted in the front of a sedan and perform a react to contact. The king dismounts as the prince delivers cover fire from the driver seat. As soon as the king is set behind the vehicle and delivering his own suppression, the prince joins him behind the vehicle to assist in gaining fire superiority.

After fire superiority is achieved, they go on the offensive, alternating between bounding forward to cover and delivering suppressing fire on various human type silhouette targets.

At one point King Abdullah runs dry on ammo in his PDW and rather than reloading, does a well-rehearsed transition to his sidearm, which is the iconic US 1911. He pulls it from his top-of-the-line, American-made High Threat Concealment holster and continues to engage. As they near the end of the range, they stack up for an enter and clear type scenario. The prince enters right and the king throws a simulated flashing left.

The drill then transitions into a break contact scenario, and they begin doing an alternating peel. Once again, they take turns providing cover fire until the other man is set and firing. They return to their vehicle to complete the drill.

King Abdullah II is an international legend in the military community. Before becoming king, he served in the British Army and eventually became the commander of Jordanian special forces. He claims direct lineage to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, yet maintains a sane, moderate observation of Islam. He was schooled in both England and the United States.