Kim Jong Un Goes Nuclear On United States In Latest Propaganda Video

first published on March 25, 2017 by

In the latest propaganda video from North Korea, Kim Jong Un goes nuclear on the United States of America. Has the situation gotten this volatile already?

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, has just directed and released a new propaganda video to the United States of America. The video, which is surrounded in controversy, was uploaded to YouTube in 2013, but due to slow internet speeds in the country and the drain on North Korean natural resources to run a computer for more than 10 minutes at a time, was only just made public on the popular video hosting site today. It has already achieved eleven million views, or around double the Nation of North Korea’s average yearly income when converted into YouTube ad revenue.

YouTube has stated that they will not be monetizing the video due to the content not being advertiser friendly, causing the Supreme Leader to state that if YouTube won’t write the check, then he will be forced to go nuclear on them after finishing off the United States. “This YouTube video would be the greatest source of income my country has seen since the creation of the DMZ. With that Ad Revenue check, I would be able to power an iPod to play Katy Perry music for well over five hours. This is ridiculous!” said Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un shortly after receiving the news that his video was demonetized. “If PewDiePie can praise Hitler and make more than my entire country, why can’t I release dank rap music talking about the death of the United States, my greatest enemy. REEEEEEEEE!!!”

We reached out to YouTube for a comment on the situation, but received only an automated message stating they didn’t like Funker530 because we host reality based content. We also reached out to President Donald Trump on the situation for comment. We are still waiting for his reply.

You can view the controversial propaganda piece in the embedded video below.

Note: We do not endorse this type of content. We are sharing the video as a means of raising awareness for the rising tensions between North Korea and the United States.


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