Kim Jong Un Pretends To Fly Plane For Propaganda Video

first published on October 14, 2016 by

To dazzle his masses of starving subjects, extremely good looking and talented North Korean (best Korea) leader Kim Jong Un crams his healthy and extremely well-shaped physique into the cockpit of an An-148 and pretends to take off, fly, and land the aircraft. Unfortunately, the near-climaxing narrator doesn’t allow us to hear if Un is simulating the aircraft noises with his mouth.

In recent news, the North Korean dictator has been missing for a week. He has missed an important ceremony to honor his grandfather, and heavy rains have caused massive flooding and wide-scale damage, yet he has made no known appearances. As part of his current disappearance, Tuesday’s scheduled launch of a long range missile as well as a nuclear detonation test were not conducted.


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