World’s Worst EOD Team Almost Blows Up For Instagram Video

first published on May 26, 2018 by

The word’s worst EOD team almost blows up while attempting to take a cool video of their controlled detonation of a compound for their Instagram. This video is a prime example of why EOD technicians in first world military forces are some of the most highly trained individuals that exist. Explosions are dangerous, not just because of the explosion, but because of everything that the explosion does or can do before, during, and after the event has occurred.

Team boom

When you first see this improvised EOD team, you get the idea that they’re a group of individuals who have done this kind of operation a number of times in the past. They appear to have the entire area under control, and look like they actually might know what they are doing. The Iraqis are talking to each other nonchalantly while ensuring that their camera has panned around giving the viewer a better idea of what is going on. Wires are pulled up to the hood of their vehicle, and some of the “EOD” technicians choose to walk a little farther back just to make sure that they have a really strong view of the massive explosion they are about to cause with their controlled detonation.

Looking a little deeper however, we can really see what is going on. This “EOD team,” isn’t really much of an explosive ordinance disposal unit at all. They’re more like a group of regular Iraqi Soldiers who have played with C4 explosives a few times, (or maybe placed a few improvised explosives in their day) and were tasked with detonating an Islamic State compound full of arms and ammunition. Also, when the camera pans up we get the idea that the group doesn’t really understand what is going to happen when they touch off their explosives using their truck battery, because they are still extremely close to the compound they are about to detonate. Maybe we should find them a sign that says “Beware of falling debris.”

Team Debris

We should give these guys a bit of credit though, I suppose. It appears as if post-explosion, none of them were injured or killed. Technically, that means they accomplished the mission they were tasked with, using what appears to be not enough tools to actually finish the job properly. Proper explosive ordinance disposal technicians would not be very happy to be setting off a controlled detonation using a pickup truck battery under even the worst of conditions, these guys however did it without a singular complaint. Also, I’m guessing that part of their stand-off distance issue stems from the probably not having nearly enough wire to actually conduct the controlled detonation at a safe distance, so who knows, maybe this was them doing what they could with what they had.

Either way, I’m glad that they had the forethought of recording for their Instagram family. Without that, we never would have been able to witness this failed controlled detonation, nor the resulting chaos caused by the unexpected amount of devastation from it. It was also really nice of him to record the surrounding and means of detonation for us so we could all gasp at how terrible the working conditions of the Iraqi Army really are. So this next beer goes out to you, Mr. Recording Falling Debris guy, you are the true MvP of this video.


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