Iraqi Aviation Unit Goes On ISIS Killing Frenzy After Intel Dump

first published on February 15, 2017 by

Members of the Iraqi Aviation Unit, flying Mi-35s Bell 407s and Cessna AC208s, go on an ISIS killing frenzy after a PMU unit shares important intelligence.

After a recent intelligence dump by an Iraqi PMU unit, operating in the Sharia and Ein Al-Hisan villages West of Mosul, members of the Iraqi Aviation Unit get to work. It is reported by the PMU on the ground, that several top ISIS commanders, dozens of soldiers, and several vehicles and ammunition depots were successfully eliminated by a series of airstrikes. The footage below is from the gun cams of the Mi-35s, Bell 407s, and Cessna AC208s that the Iraqi Aviation Unit used to conduct the airstrikes.

I love a happy ending. Keep putting in work boys.


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