Syrian Army Commander Killed By Sniper’s Headshot In Yarmouk

first published on April 17, 2017 by

A video out of the Yarmouk area of southern Damascus shows the moment an SAA officer is killed with a headshot.

The footage was reportedly recorded on 16 April 2018 and was released by the Islamic State’s media wing, AMAQ News.

Two SAA troops are seen in the footage. The one reported to be a commander is carrying out some unknown task when he takes a bullet directly to the head and drops dead.

The second soldier is targeted as well, but doesn’t appear to be hit by the tracer round that flies just above his head. Although, a simultaneously fired round looks as if it is fired from the left, but the effectiveness of that round cannot be confirmed.

Now that the Syrian military has successfully cleared all Eastern Ghouta neighborhoods of rebel fighters, they have started the operation to retake Yarmouk from ISIS. Unlike the various rebel groups in Eastern Ghouta, the Islamic State has, so far, refused to accept any kind of peace deal.