Syrian Defense Force Fighters Take Key Locations Inside ISIS Capital

first published on July 30, 2017 by

As the operation to retake the ISIS capital city of Raqqa begins, members of the SDF suppress and maneuver on a key target location.

In a recent release from the YPG press office, members of the Syrian Defense Force (SDF) take control of a key location inside of the city of Raqqa. The position was held by a number of ISIS fighters, but was quickly overwhelmed by the attacking force who can be seen in the video below utilizing superior firepower to take the position.

Raqqa, a city inside of Syria, has been claimed by the Islamic State as their de facto capital since March 4, 2013. The operation to retake the city is a large step required in order to root the terror organization out of power, and will weaken them exponentially. Operation Inherent Resolve’s air power, and ground advise and assist teams, along with the Arab and Kurdish troops that make up the SDF are the main effort being utilized to retake the city.


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