Kentucky Police Forced To Shoot Suspect After Multiple Tasers Fail

first published on April 10, 2017 by

Body camera footage out of Kentucky shows an officer-involved shooting that resulted in the suspect dying of gunshot wounds after multiple tasers failed to subdue him.

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday, April 10th in Louisville. The following video shows two different angles of the incident.

Police responded to a neighborhood after receiving calls of a disorderly individual. The suspect, 45-year-old Russell T. Bowman, attempts to escape on foot, but is soon intercepted by police. Based on the video, the suspect is carrying some sort of object, likely a screwdriver, in a threatening manner.

The police repeatedly tell Bowman to drop the weapon and he fails to comply. At one point he says, “Shoot me.” Three tasers were fired into the suspect, but had little effect. Eventually, Bowman rushes at a flanking police officer and he is neutralized with a few shots.

Police attempt to render first aid, but Bowman succumbs to his wounds.