It’s Like a Kalashnikov and a Gatling Gun had a Baby…

first published on October 27, 2017 by

Have a half dozen Kalashnikov rifles and way too much time on your hands? Then it’s time to Franken-gun two of the most iconic weapons in history.

There’s been quite a few ingenious “if it seems stupid but works, then it’s not stupid” creations in the past few years. This homemade, hand cranked, multi-AK, Gatling gun certainly fits into the creative or unique category. While the multi-barreled Gatling concept has been replicated by numerous nations and in many calibers, this DIY variant utilizing the worlds more prolific assault rifle appears to be a first.


Nevertheless, this gnarly looking amalgamation might just be more in the fun category than the practical one. For starters, it has a noticeable wobble and is probably not too accurate. Second, it burns through magazines quickly and reloading each individual rifle will take some time. And finally, anyone competent enough to design and build this type of thing, would probably be of better use working on something a bit more critical.

This Franken-gun does manage to combine two of the most infamous guns in history and it does in principle, work. However, until there is some footage of this automatic-lovechild working in a combat scenario, the jury will likely remain out.

Tell us what you guys think, novelty or killing machine?


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