K-9 GoPro: Working Dog And Navy SEAL Demo Skills

first published on May 7, 2016 by

A working dog named Warbeast and his handler conduct an exercise with Navy SEALs at a BattleFrog event to demonstrate their capabilities.

BattleFrog is an obstacle course race designed by Navy SEALs and Seabees. It is intended to test the mettle of any individual who dares brave it. Former Navy SEAL, Rich Graham, and his working dog, nicknamed Warbeast, are the official K-9 and handler of the BattleFrog series.

In this video, produced by VonHelmet, Rich and Warbeast work with a group of Navy SEALs to demonstrate the capabilities of a SEAL team at a BattleFrog event.

You can check out Warbeast and Rich Graham at Trident Fitness.