Just Viking Things – Norwegian Special Forces Fighting to Valhalla

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a real life viking trapped in the 21st century of warfare? Here’s your answer in the form of a motivational video from YouTube’s MILITARY CHANNEL. The video showcases Norwegian Special Operations teams conducting training in various different climates and locations around the world. If you ever asked these guys what they were doing, they would probably reply with a quick: “Just viking things.”

Just Viking Things

Forsvarets Spesialkommando, also known as the FSK or “Armed Forces: Special Command,” is a special operations unit inside of the Norwegian Armed Forces. They were established in 1982 due to an increased risk in terrorism, and terrorist activities against Norway’s critical financial infrastructure items such as oil platforms in the North Sea. On January 1, 2014, the Norwegian military developed the Norwegian Special Operation Forces (NORSOF) which combined the FSK and the Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK) under one united command that was able to control both units. At this same exact time, an all female unit was introduced to the FSK called the Jegertroppen in order to assist the FSK with activities that required a female presence.

For the a long time, the FSK’s existence was completely denied by the Norwegian government, who preferred to keep them in the shadows as a secret weapon against terrorist activities. It wasn’t until the group was first utilized in Operation Enduring Freedom in a direct action capacity that the Norwegian government officially disclosed the existence of the group. In fact, the only mention of the group as a separate entity from the Marinejegerkommandoen was in a brief article from the Aftenposten upon the groups founding in 1983. The group was also almost disbanded in 1988 due to financial issues within the military, but staunch protests from the Oil Industry and the unit itself managed to keep it alive.

Just Viking Thumb

Today, the FSK is an internationally capable task force that is able to conduct direct action missions in support of Norwegian war efforts. On several occasions the group has been tasked with high profile missions that have earned them a standing with the greatest special operations forces in the world. The group pulls their hand selected recruits from the paratroopers, and trains them to be highly specialized operators similar to that of other Special Operation teams around the world. They are constantly on standby for both national and international missions. In addition, FSK is the competency and training center for all parachute and counter-terrorism training in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

On that note, here is a two minute video that showcases the FSK and MJK conducting real-world operations and training in preparation for their specific mission sets. It shows both units training for VBSS, and other small boat operations, as well as brief clips of the units conducting close quarters battle drills and air operations. This video was created by the MILITARY CHANNEL on YouTube, and if you specifically like these types of videos we highly recommend leaving them a subscribe on YouTube, because they put out content like this on a weekly basis. If it’s not your bag of chips, then still give this particular video a view, because it shows what it means to do viking things.


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