Just Viking Things – Norway’s Military Might in 2019

first published on March 7, 2019 by

Norway is a country with a proud lineage of viking culture. This is what their military power looks like in the year 2019.


Norway’s official armed forces were founded in 1628 during the Thirty Years’ War between Denmark-Norway and Sweden. Currently, their military is broken up into six branches of service which are the Norwegian Army, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Home Guard, Norwegian Cyber Force, and the Norwegian Special Operation Forces. Other main structures for their military are the Defense Staff Norway (DEFSTNOR), National Joint Headquarters (NJHQ), and the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization (NDLO).

Currently, there are about 65,000 people in service to the Norwegian military, with roughly 45,000 of those service members being part of the reserve component. Of the some 20,000 people on active duty in Norway, 8,000 individuals are conscripts. Conscription officially started in Norway in March of 2016, and has been described as a weak form of mandatory military service where every person liable for military service is screened and selected based on their individual motivations for service. Those not motivated to serve, are not selected.

While their current military may not be a massive super power, they are no strangers to conflict and are not afraid of stepping in where they are needed. The first recorded battle in Norway dates back to the Battle of Hakadal in ca. 860 between Vestfold and Alfheimr. For the next 12 years of recorded history, the country would be in a state of perpetual conflict until Norway itself unified under King Harald I in ca 872. Since then, the country has participated in many major conflicts around the world, with the only real exception being abstaining from combat during World War One.

This is what the modern day vikings look like.


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