Joint Special Forces Midnight Raid In Sadr City

first published on November 1, 2015 by

A joint hostage rescue operation in Sadr City, Iraq.

This raid took place some time shortly after the conclusion of Operation Imposing Law in Sadr City, Iraq. The raid was conducted by a joint team of Iraqi-US special operations in order to free Iraqi civilians being held captive in August of 2007.

Sadr City, Iraq is one of nine administrative districts in the city of Baghdad. It was a ghetto, neglected by the Saddam Regime, and a cesspool for violence. In 2007 the area was one of the primary concerns for U.S Troops. This district was one of the many locations where Operation Imposing Law took place.

Imposing Law was part of General Petraeus’s plan to regain control of the most violent districts in Iraq. It involved surging US troops into these problem areas with Iraqi counter-parts in tow. Hundreds of Iraqi-manned check-points popped up all over these areas. The check-points acted as a sort of public watch in order to deny the enemy freedom of movement.


With the numbers of US troops increasing in Iraq during this time frame, coalition forces were also able to conduct a number of supporting operations. More patrols meant less enemy activity in insurgent controlled areas. This allowed the US and coalition forces to step-up training regimens for local forces. Operation Imposing Law was one of the beginning steps to handing over security in Iraq to local forces.


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