US & NATO Joint Multinational Training Group Advise & Assist Ukrainian Forces

first published on July 17, 2018 by

A recent video mashup of Ukrainian Forces during and after receiving training from the Joint Multinational Training Group. The advise and assist mission aims to bolster Ukraine’s defensive posture and combat readiness in accordance with NATO standards.

Video Courtesy of 1st Lt. Derrick Garner of the New York National Guard

On the heels of a recent NATO summit in Brussels, Ukraine and the Western allies appear to be further strengthening military ties. The US has recently pledged $100 million in military aid according to the Ukrainian defense minister and joint training exercises between NATO and Ukraine are becoming ever more frequent. With Russian aggression showing little signs of subsiding anytime soon and tensions in eastern a persistent problem, the Ukrainian military has much to gain from this increased cooperation with the west.

The Video below is a mashup of some of the recent training exercises between NATO and Ukraine, and according to the Department of Defense, “This is Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine. The 8 current members of the training group, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, and Sweden put together a plan in accordance with NATO standards to help shape and reform Ukrainian military defensive strategies at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center. Ukrainian battalion and brigade training groups undergo a 55-day training program ran by Ukrainian instructors who receive mentorship, support, and direct training by the various nations. This video is a compilation of training events as seen through the lens of American mentors of the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (forward) headquartered out of Syracuse, NY.”


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