Jihadi Jackasses – Johnny Al-Knoxville Tries To Shoot Down A Russian Jet

first published on March 28, 2017 by

Hello, my name is Johnny Al-Knoxville, and this is Getting Blown Up By A Pissed Off Russian Jet Pilot. Welcome to Jihadi Jackass.

Johnny Al-Knoxville decides it’s time to record a new prank for his hit show Jihadi Jackass. The prank is going to be attempting to shoot down a Russian fighter pilot. He knows exactly how this is going to end, but Abu Hajaar was fired last week and it’s now up to him to keep the show going.

In reality, this was an attempted propaganda piece. They were going to fire anti-aircraft guns at a Russian jet, and then wait for it to fly away. Next they were going to go over a ridge and set some tires on fire and record the black smoke in order to create the appearance of shooting down a Russian aircraft. Instead, the Russian aircraft destroyed them, and the propaganda piece got turned into the gem you are about to watch.


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