Fresh Footage From Three Different Tanks During The Battle Of Jobar In 2014

first published on May 2, 2017 by

Fresh footage from the Battle of Jobar in Syria as it was recorded by three separate tank crews. This is all three views.

ANNA news is a Russian source operating inside of Syria to document the on-going conflict. They take a different stance from most of the footage we see, as they are actually authorized and embedded with the Syrian Arab Army. A lot of the footage they produce is raw, uncut GoPro footage mounted directly to armored vehicles as they advance. It is a lesser seen look into the conflict, as it follows government forces in their fight against the many factions involved in the Syrian Civil War.

Below is three different videos, from three different tanks taking part in the Battle of Jobar back in 2014. This footage was just released by the ANNA news company. If you would like to follow the video work of ANNA news, you can find their official YouTube channel at this link.

Tank 1

Tank 2

Tank 3


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