Jihadists’ Rescue Attempt Is A Face Palming Failure

first published on October 13, 2017 by

An absolute failure of a rescue attempt for jihadist video propaganda purposes will have non third-world primates face-palming at the sheer stupidity shown from start to finish.

It appears that the jihadists highlighted in the video came into direct fire attack and had to bail from their immobilized vehicles, at which point they need to return to rescue a wounded comrade (or at least that’s how the scenario is set up for the viewer).


The team has created some sort of sled/shield on a rope device to retrieve the wounded man. However, the device doesn’t work, and instead of abandoning the useless piece of junk and just dragging the man back to cover as quickly as possible, the rescuer stays committed to the failed plan and ends up getting himself killed or at least horribly shot up. From the looks of his idiot buddies “suppressing” the enemy, it’s more than likely that the would-be rescuer was hit by friendly fire. Videos like this make you question how humans haven’t yet gone extinct.


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