Jihad Commander Films Own Explosive Death On GoPro

first published on August 29, 2016 by

A jihad commander of the Ahrar ash Sham Islamist insurgent group films his own death during a failed assault in Aleppo. The rebels can be seen rapidly moving into position with the use of armored vehicles, but after they dismount, they become pinned down and tightly packed together behind a short berm. Syrian Army mortar rounds start raining down near their position and continuously get closer. Eventually one lands close enough that the commander is fatally struck by shrapnel.

The lesson to be learned here is: Stay down when taking indirect fire. As you can see, the fighter to his left was actually closer to the blast, but he was wisely flattened out onto the ground. As the video ends… the Syrian Army troops come to do a battle damage assessment and are proud of themselves to find a GoPro still running on one of the dead insurgents. In true SAA fashion they decide to upload the video in crappy 360p quality.


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