Japan Sinks North Korean Spy Ship

first published on June 5, 2016 by

The following video highlights the Battle of Amami-Ōshima, which also known as the Spy Ship Incident, taking place in 2001 in the East China Sea.

A disguised North Korean spy vessel was intercepted by the Japanese Coast Guard which led to a six-hour confrontation between the two armed vessels. The encounter ended in the sinking of the North Korean vessel.

Although the incident took place outside of Japanese territorial waters, it was within Japan’s exclusive economic zone, for which they have claimed exclusive rights to fishing and mineral resources.

The Event was the first time Japan’s armed forces sank a ship since World War II. The following day, the Japanese recovered three North Korean bodies from the sea.

A dozen Japanese Coast Guard patrol boats, as well as another dozen or more Japanese aircraft chased the North Korean Spy vessel. Eventually, the spy ship was struck squarely in the hull, but the crew only stopped long enough to extinguish the flames before attempting to flee again.

Eventually the ship was surrounded, and the North Korean crew opened fire on the Japanese, wounding two Coast Guards. That is when the Japanese forces unleashed the fury and sent the North Korean vessel to the bottom of the ocean.


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