Taliban Infiltrate Jalalabad Air Field, Apaches Engage Danger Close

first published on September 12, 2019 by

Apache gun cam footage from a 13 November 2010 Taliban attack on Jalalabad Air Field, also known as FOB Fenty, shows attack helicopters engaging enemy fighters at “danger close” distances to US troops.

jalalabad air field

According to our video source: “Two Taliban fighters snuck up on OP 13 in ANA uniforms early in the morning, they started shooting, BDOC (Base Defense Operations Center) said don’t engage, they are friendly. They got to the canal and started lobbing grenades over. They were trying to hit the compound that you see in the video to the left, it’s where the detainees were.”

An Al Jazeera article reported on the event, using both Afghan National Army (ANA) and Taliban statements, and claimed that there were as many as 14 attackers in a multiple prong attack, and that somewhere between eight and 11 Taliban fighters were killed, while no civilian or ISAF casualties were reported.

The video itself shows US troops and armored vehicles within feet of the Taliban infiltrators. They exchange grenades and soon the Apache starts conducting strafing runs down the gully, eliminating some of the fighters.

A second Apache observes ISAF troops trading close range small arms fire with another set of Taliban militants within the outer perimeter of Jalalabad Air Field. The insurgents attempt to break contact. One is shot down by the soldiers out of frame. The second one sprints to get away, but soon finds himself entangled in a concertina wire outer perimeter fence. He pulls the pin on a grenade and it detonates in close proximity to his body, killing himself.

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