Jake To Jihad: How A Boy Was Turned Into A Terrorist

first published on April 1, 2016 by

An Australian 60 Minutes special that interviews the father of Jihad Jake, a boy who was converted into a Daesh suicide bomber over the internet.

To say that Jake was a normal boy, from a normal family, with a normal life, would be a lie. He came from a torn background, with divorced parents, and was the youngest of six children. He lost his mother to cancer, and didn’t exactly fit in at school.

This awkwardness, and troubled upbringing lead him to find his place in the Islamic State. Here he would be used as a propaganda tool for Daesh. Paraded around as a victory, until ultimately, he was used to kick off an assault against Daesh opposition in Syria.

Jihad Jake 1

Daesh shows us one face, and that face is the face of pure evil. We are used to seeing their beheadings, beatings, and acts of terrorism. This is the face they use to convey fear to the Western World. There is a second face that they use as well, and it’s the face use to recruit troubled youth from around the world.

The second face of Daesh is shown to appeal to individuals like Jake. They show a world where everyone is accepted, and everyone is loved. This world however exists only because of their Jihad, and that’s how they capture Jake. They tell him that he can be apart of their world, but only if he assists them in their religious crusade for world domination.

This 60 minutes special interviews the father of Jihad Jake, and we learn the story of his life. If you don’t have time to view this right now, add it to your watch later list and come back to it.

On one hand, it’s hard to feel remorse for this kid, who played a stupid game and won a stupid prize. On the other hand however, it’s easy to feel remorse for his father, and Jake, the boy who lost himself to extremism.


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