Israeli Special Forces Take A Direct Approach To Riot Control

first published on October 8, 2015 by

The Israeli Special Forces are known for their less than conventional tactics.

As you watch this footage taken from a riot in Israel take special note of the guys wearing horizontally striped shirts. In an instant the Israeli Special Forces lash out at the crowd utilizing Krav Maga, and pistols. They disperse the crowd by firing their pistols overhead, while other members of the cell detain the instigator.

Within seconds they have detained the guy they were after and moved away from the rioters. Moments later they are surrounded by IDF regulars who begin to escort them to safety.

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Techniques like this are common practice for the Israeli unit known as Mistaravim. Translated roughly the unit’s name means “Hidden Arabs”. Their purpose is to integrate with the Palestinian populace in order to make arrests.

Generally when we think riot control we think of guys with big shields, batons, and tear gas. Israel has a more direct approach. They go in undercover, and cut the head off of the snake before the situation gets out of control. The method the Mistaravim use is very precise, and extremely effective. It allows the Israelis to go directly into a bad situation and take control of it quickly.


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