Israel Retaliates Against Hamas After Rocket Strike Hits Israeli Territory

first published on February 28, 2017 by

After a rocket attack, originating from inside of the Gaza Strip, struck Israeli territory, the Israeli Air Force launched a series of counter attacks.

The Israeli Air Force has launched a series of attacks against Hamas militants inside of the Gaza Strip in response to a rocket attack against Israeli territories last night. They have confirmed that they destroyed five Hamas positions, and hold the organization solely accountable for the attacks, saying in a press release “The IDF holds Hamas accountable for all attacks from the Gaza Strip that threaten Israel and her citizens.”

Hamas later released a statement denying any link to the attacks, and condemned the actions of Israel, saying “this continuous dangerous escalation that targets the Palestinian resistance and the people of the Gaza Strip,” warning that, “the ongoing targeting of resistance sites and the escalating situation in Gaza would neither be allowed nor accepted.”

The first attacks against Hamas happened at around 1pm Monday afternoon. You can see the video from the counter attack below.

(More information below video.)

The Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman responded to Hamas by saying “We will not get into a ping-pong situation of fire and counter-fire. I suggest Hamas take responsibility, impose order and calm down,” He added that Israel has “no desire or intention to initiate any military move in the Gaza Strip.”

Is this the beginning of yet another round of tense fighting in Israel?