Israel Steps Up Airstrikes as Tensions Flare in Gaza

first published on March 27, 2019 by

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) stepped up airstrikes in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza as cross border fighting intensifies with Hamas. Tensions flared after a long-range rocket attack wounded civilians inside of Israel – the first such attack since 2014.

The multiple airstrikes targeted Hamas command infrastructure and military targets inside of Gaza and the IDF sent troops and military equipment to the border according to the IDF. The rash of violence occurred after a rocket injured seven civilians on Monday and an additional incident nearly two weeks ago. In response to the airstrikes, Hamas has increased rocket attacks against targets near Tel-Aviv in Israel and the escalation continues to threaten the tenuous ceasefire agreement signed after the 2014 Gaza war. Egypt is now attempting to mediate and deescalate the situation.