Iraqi Mi-35 Destroys Fleeing Islamic State Vehicle In Brutal Fashion

first published on December 6, 2017 by

A section of Iraqi Aviation Mi-35s conduct a brutal air attack against a fleeing Islamic State pickup truck outside of Fallujah. The airstrike is conducted with extreme prejudice, and the Islamic State fighters are given no quarter. As the vehicle burns, the Mi-35s continue to circle looking for more prey while they conduct a thorough battle damage assessment to ensure that the rats are well and truly killed. This is what a proper air attack against the Islamic State should look like.


The Iraqi Aviation Unit out of Baghdad has been stepping up their operations in the past few months. It wasn’t even a full week ago that video of an airstrike that was denied by the United States was released showing the Iraqi Mi-35s, purchased from Russia, being used to eliminate over 700 Islamic State vehicles filled with over 250 Islamic State fighters and equipment. This latest video shows that the Iraqi Aviation Unit is intending to continue with their operations to eradicate the Islamic State from all of Iraq. We’re glad to see them finally and fully stepping up to the plate to deal with this problem, and are even doing so against orders from their American counter-parts. That’s how you put on your big boy pants and deal with a problem.

It’s interesting to note the way that this video was released to the internet. From the footage alone, it appears as if someone in the TOC reviewing the footage decided to film the gun-cam footage using their cellphone. This is something we often see in less developed nations, as they do not yet have an infrastructure in place to release this footage in an official capacity. I believe that as the days continue to tick by, we will see an increase in footage being leaked to the internet in this fashion, and we will continue to upload it on our servers where no corporate entity can shut it down and remove it forever.

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Watching this video is entertaining to me. It almost appears as is the Mi-35s are toying with the fleeing Islamic State pickup truck. For the fighters inside of the vehicle, I can only imagine the feelings of terror and sheer fear running through their veins as multiple attack helicopters are chasing them through an open desert where they have no top cover. I bet the back of that pick-up truck sounds a lot like the Abu Hajaar type videos we have seen in the past. There was probably a lot of screaming and shouting in the back of that truck while the aerial hunters fired rounds off to their left and right before finally making them explode and extinguishing their life.

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