The Resurgent Islamic State: Mouth Breathers, Amputees, and Kids

first published on January 19, 2018 by

A medley of Islamic State miscreants attacked several Kurdish held villages near Deir ez-Zor yesterday. A propaganda video was released of the “offensive” and its laughable assortment of mouth breathers, amputees, and children.

A recent string of ISIS attacks against the SAA and Kurdish forces has hit the Deir ez-Zor province of Eastern Syria. The remnants of the so-called Islamic State are bottled up into several pockets of resistance in the remote desert along the Syria-Iraq border and the banks of the Euphrates river.

The Islamic State’s official media wing “Amaq News” released several video’s attempting to detail their “offensive” against the Kurdish lead Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Another desperate attempt to put a positive spin on the ragged collection of adherents that remain.

The hilarious video illustrates that ISIS is mostly on its last leg both literally and figuratively. Beginning in a dust storm and following a hobbling one-legged jihadi on crutches, the daesh militants begin their incessant aloha snackbars’.

Several armed pre-pubescent kids tag along in the attack – an apparent form of regionally specific “bring your son to Jihad day”.

What’s an Islamic State propaganda film without some excited sermonizing by an obese Jihadi? Or thug-life weapons handling?

How about the fashion-conscious militant who makes sure to wear leggings with his skirt? Very surprised she’s wearing boots and not Birkenstocks.

As you can see, the Islamic State is incredible progressive when it comes to the equality of its handi-capable jihadi’s. It’s almost like a mandatory access ramp for suicide bombers.

Surrounded and isolated in just a few final pockets, the Islamic State is nearly finished. Despite their best propaganda efforts, the obviousness of their situation is hilariously clear in this video. Obese mouth breathers, hobbling amputees, and children is the best they can muster.


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