Islamic State Fighters Flee Gunfight Leaving Behind Wounded Leadership

first published on December 13, 2017 by

Under-prepared Islamic State Fighters flee a gun-battle, leaving behind their wounded in order to save themselves from the advancing Syrian Defense Force.


Footage recovered by the Syrian Defense Force shows the moment that a wounded Islamic State fighter is left behind by his fellow extremists. The video paints a grim picture of the remnants of the once massive terror organization that is quite the contrary to their normal psycho babble that is featured in every propaganda video they release.

Normally, when you see footage from an Islamic State GoPro it is filled with religious zealotry. Hard-pumping religious Nasheeds play over the footage of Islamic State fighters advancing on their enemy’s position while the Sheikh’s voice can be heard telling the tale of the victory that was achieved by the fighters during the video. Often cut, never showing casualties unless it is during a martyr reel, these videos paint the Islamic State’s Fighters as an all powerful military faction inside of the Middle East that cannot be stopped by anything but Allah himself. These videos are used to radicalize the young, and bring them within the fold of this extremist group.

The reality of the situation is much different during stand-up gunfights without a full production staff to edit the footage. What we see when the footage is captured, and released in the raw is that the Islamic State is a crumbling organization that is losing ground at the cyclic rate every single day. Fearful fighters are seen in full retreat, failing to clear their rifles when they malfunction and leaving behind their wounded leaders to die instead of fighting to recover each individual that they can save.

We choose to publish videos like this because it is important for the world to see what the true disposition of the Islamic State is behind the propaganda. The group is faltering every single day, and losing ground to the Syrian Defense Force at a rate that is fully unsustainable for the group’s survival. What you are about to witness is the death of Abu Ayman al-Iraqi, an Islamic State leader. He is wounded, and subsequently left behind by his subordinates while they are in full retreat from the Syrian Defense Force.


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