Islamic Extremist Holds Australian Civilian Hostage During Siege

first published on June 5, 2017 by

An apparent Islamic Extremist held a woman hostage inside of an apartment building during a siege that ended in his death in Melbourne, Australia.

During a siege that lasted several hours, Victoria Police end a standoff by killing the suspect who was holding a woman hostage. It is unclear, but believed at this time that the suspect may have also killed another person in the foyer of the apartment building. The woman escaped unharmed.

During the siege, local media stations say they received a call from within the building where they heard a woman screaming. The voice on the phone came through loud and clear, “This is for the Islamic State, this is for Al Qaeda.” Two extremist factions who oppose each other during operations in the Middle East.

The police have yet to reveal the identity of the attacker, stating that they will reveal that information when the time is appropriate and they have finished conducting their investigations to see if the shooter had any connections that assisted him in committing the violent act of terrorism. Neither Al Qaeda, nor the Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attacks yet, we will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.