ISIS Flag Gets Vaporized By White Phosphorus In Mosul

first published on June 4, 2017 by

The Islamic State has released their own footage showing the recent white phosphorus mortar round barrages striking their headquarters in an old medical complex in Mosul. At one point a Willy P round lands directly on the ISIS flag, vaporizing it. The ISIS video team tried editing the video out of sequence to make it seem like the flag impossibly survived. I fixed it in the following video.

The videos have incited internet hysteria from the ignorant and uninformed regarding the use of white phosphorus (WP) by the Western-led, international coalition against the Islamic State.

However, nothing illegal or unconventional is taking place here. White phosphorus is the chemical used in the standard smoke mortar round, and it is used often. Uses include concealment, distraction, screening, and marking.

ISIS fighters were using the elevated positions to successfully kill hundreds of civilians being evacuated from the embattled neighborhoods. So, making a sound tactical decision, mortar teams used smoke screens to obstruct the Islamic State’s sector of fire, so civilians could be evacuated in a manner that posed much less risk to their personal safety. Undoubtedly, many innocent civilians were saved by this fire mission.

As you can see from the video, the smoke rounds, some set to proximity burst, while others to impact, were extremely effective in total obscurement of the terrorists’ vision.

The following footage shows what happened when Iraqi and Western forces attempted to evacuate civilians without the smoke screen. Warning: It’s a sickening bloodbath.