Free Syrian Army Troops Mortar ISIS Training Camp Into Oblivion

first published on November 8, 2017 by

Members of the Free Syrian Army utilize a mortar system to bombard a known Islamic State training camp in the Daraa countryside.

It must suck to be members of the Islamic State right now. They have the United States, Russia, France, England, Canada, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Kurdistan, and pretty much every other country in the world directly attacking them on all sides. It’s to the point that even other terrorist organizations operating inside of Syria have started to target them with every spare munition they can find.

They have gone from the biggest bad guy and terrorist organization on the block, to nothing more than an extremist media company trying to claim responsibility for every bad thing that happens in the world via Twitter. They once controlled a large percentage of both Iraq and Syria. Now they control some small outposts that just haven’t been JDAMed yet.

The video below shows members of an unknown unit in the Free Syrian Army shelling an Islamic State training camp on top of a hill in the near Nawa in the southwestern region of the Daraa countryside in Syria.


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