ISIS Shoots At Their Own Sapper For Propaganda Video

first published on May 18, 2017 by

An ISIS sapper bum rushes an alleged Iraqi Army position in Mosul and plants a bomb for a propaganda video. It’s all fake news though.

In the latest ISIS release from Mosul, we see many instances of the group staging attacks on nothing so that they appear strong. In this instance, a sapper runs across a street with a small satchel charge to attack an “Iraqi Army Position.”

When you look closely however, you can see that the entire thing is fake news and it’s pretty laughable. The most obvious thing is the fact that all of the incoming fire towards their position is accurate, but only accurate enough to go directly over their heads while they stand directly in the open with no cover. Second, is the ridiculous size of the explosion when compared to the size of the satchel the sapper was carrying.

This entire video is faked, and it proves the point that Daesh is really losing ground in Mosul. They are becoming desperate to recruit new meat for the grinder, and the only way they can release propaganda recruiting videos is by faking them.

Nice try ISIS, but your videos are dumb, and they make you look dumb as well.


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