Ten Points Apiece: Fleeing ISIS Rats are Run Over with a Tank

first published on January 26, 2017 by

ISIS rats are run over by an al-Qaeda tank – The incredible convoluted conditions in the enduring Syrian civil war make for interesting, albeit sometimes concerning combat footage. Concerning, when that footage is of two ruthless and well-equipped terrorist organizations operating with impunity. Interesting, border line hilarious, when one of the runs the other over with a tank.

Likely occurring in the tri-provincial region of Hama, Idlib, and Aleppo – Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) attacks an ISIS position with tanks and infantry. The recent capture of Abu al-Duhur airbase by the SAA and the partitioning of the formally significant Idlib rebel pocket has left a smaller encirclement cohabitated by HTS and ISIS to the south.

The two longtime rivals are now surrounded by the SAA in this shrinking pocket and are being hammered by constant Russian airstrikes. Fortunately, this pressure has not brought them together but forced them to fight each other in a desperate struggle for survival. This struggle only serves to kill their personnel or damage remaining equipment, making the inevitable SAA operation to capture the territory that much easier.

The HTS GoPro and drone footage mashup shows a lone tank and foot mobiles advancing on a small ISIS position in the empty desert. The dismounts take several trenches and foxholes while continuing to exchange gunfire with the fleeing militants. The tank suddenly appears at full speed, roaring towards the panicking Daesh and quickly closing the distance. It chases down and runs over one, possible two IS rats who can’t out run or maneuver the speeding tank. The video then shows the dismounts advancing towards an orchard and several farmhouses. Though they kill one IS militant up close, his comrades may have regrouped. The video concludes with the HTS militants now caught in the open and being racked my gunfire and explosions.

As this point, when looking around the Syrian civil war there are few groups that aren’t completely loathsome. HTS and ISIS are certainly at the very top of this bad-guy hierarchy and watching videos of them killing each other can be comically rewarding. Every time they engage and fight each other, they both get much weaker. This weakness will hopefully allow the competing powers to finally find a resolution for the seemingly never-ending war.


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