ISIS Raids in Syria Continue, Despite Losing Final Southern Stronghold

first published on August 2, 2017 by

ISIS raids in southern Syria remain a constant threat to regional security, launching attacks against lightly defended rear areas and civilian targets recently. The raids continue despite the recent Syrian Arab Army (SAA) operation that cleared the final extremist stronghold from the border region with Jordan and Israel.

The lingering remnants of the so-called Islamic State have markedly increased their insurgent tactics throughout Syria in recent months. Stepping up hit-and-run attacks and releasing a flood of propaganda footage from multiple incidents. After the fall of Mosul in Iraq, quickly followed by Raqqa in Syria in 2017, the majority of ISIS controlled territory was largely liberated by the Assad regime and Kurdish militias. ISIS was, with a few exceptions, largely driven into several desert enclaves in southern and eastern Syria, and adjacently in western Iraq.

In this aftermath, the forces loyal to the Assad regime, the Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and the various Syrian rebel groups greedily gobbled up territory from the defeated Islamist menace. Simultaneously, the forces loyal to the regime began shifting around the country, clearing pocket after pocket of scattered rebel resistance in the countryside and Damascus suburbs.

With the final southern pocket cleared in the last few days after a relatively brief operation, a surge in insurgency style attacks erupted from daesh’s desert enclaves. The video below covers several of these purportedly recent attacks – initiated with SVBIED’s and follow on raids by small groups of jihadi’s.


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