ISIS Pretends They Matter By Taking Abandoned Checkpoint

first published on June 25, 2016 by

A large force of Daesh fighters, to include one of their tanks, conduct the hostile takeover of an abandoned checkpoint in Syria.

Things must be getting pretty grim for Daesh in Syria. With both the Russians, and Operation Inherent Resolve pounding them from the air daily, their isn’t much room for them to operate. Every time they go out into the open, they are spotted by drones and destroyed with absolute prejudice.

In an attempt to maintain the fact that they are indeed still a fighting force in the Syrian Civil War, they have decided to release a new short propaganda video. That video showcases their true prowess and fighting skills. They engage the open desert with tanks, 12.7mm AA guns, RPGs, and AK47 fire. A few moments later, they roll up on a checkpoint that they have clearly just won in some epic battle.

Judge for yourself, here’s the full unedited propaganda piece.

Now, let’s talk about what’s missing from the video. Generally speaking, when Daesh conducts a major attack against an occupied position there’s a few things the videos always do. They always have some dude strapped with a gopro, running and gunning towards some building to some dank Arabic Nasheed. They edit it in a bunch of incoming fire noise, and he throws some grenades. A martyr detonates a car bomb somewhere in there, and then stuff goes nuts.

car bomb

Next, they generally show themselves walking through the ruined area while some recorded tape of Baghdadi preaches about the end of the western world. That’s when the gruesome stuff really starts. Heads getting chopped off. Dead bodies of their enemies piled up. Enemy combatants having their heads removed with knives. Then the spoils of the attack are showcased, because new toys are super important for winning the war.

Footage 12 Propaganda Ground Support

What’s missing from this video? It doesn’t fit the usual narrative.

I think it’s because they are too weak to conduct an attack of that nature anymore. I strongly believe that the constant airstrikes from both Russia, and Operation Inherent resolve have reduced ISIS to shells of their former Mujaheddin selves inside of Syria. I believe this entire attack was staged, they burned one of their own trucks, and then this group showed off their remaining supplies pretending they just won them in a battle.

Insurgents Explode

ISIS is failing, and in the coming months we will be seeing more and more staged propaganda pieces to try and bolster recruitment and support. We may also see a rise in terror attacks around the world, as they continue to try and gain support in the west. In reality though, it’s all propaganda, and ISIS is being abandoned in droves as the fighters fear of airstrikes continue to grow.