4 ISIS Members Arrested In Nicaragua, Headed For US Border

first published on June 28, 2019 by

Four men with strong ties to the Islamic State were arrested in Nicaragua after they illegally crossed the border from Cost Rica.


The two Egyptians and two Iraqis are suspected of trying to gain entry into the US through the southern border. The US Department of Homeland Security issued a warning through their investigative arm, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

It is not clear when the suspected insurgents began their journey, but reports indicate that when they arrived in Costa Rica from Panama, Costa Rican authorities had no information to suspect them of malice.

However, after they were caught illegally border jumping from Costa Rica into Nicaragua at the La Guasimada crossing point near the southern municipality of Cárdenas, Nicaraguan immigration officials were able to identify the men as likely terrorists.

The identities of the men are as follows: Mohamed Ibrahim, 33, Egypt. Mahmoud Samy Eissa, 26, Egypt. Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed Al Jubury, 41, Iraq. Mustafa Ali Mohamed Yaoob, 29, Iraq.

The men have been deported to Costa Rica where they awaited further deportation to their home nations.


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