Footage of Recent Airstrikes Against ISIS-K Targets in Nangarhar Province

first published on July 10, 2018 by

Footage of multiple airstrikes on ISIS-K targets during the recent operation by U.S. Special Operations Forces and Afghan Special Security Forces to eliminate the militants from Nangarhar province.

(Video by Bob Ditchey & Produced by NATO Special Operations Component Command Afghanistan)

The DoD has released thermal footage from this past May and early June of U.S. Airstrikes eliminating several ISIS-K targets in their quickly fading stronghold of Nangarhar near the Pakistani border. The release coincides with U.S. and Afghan force’s recent success of seizing control of ISIS’s “capital” in the town of Gurgoray, Deh Bala district in the past few days.

The operation was launched back in April with joint U.S. and Afghan Special Operations Forces attempting to seize the district, with most ISIS resistance broken by early June. Final mop up and ordinance disposal operations are continuing in the area, and at least 167 ISIS-K members have been killed thus far.

Targeting command and control structures, tunnel networks, and sleeping locations, the video provides context for each of the airstrikes over the course of nearly five minutes – offering the who, what, where, when, and why’s before the targets liquidation. The video culminates with a particularly satisfying strike on an ISIS bed-down location. At least eleven GBU’s slowly rain down one after the other and thoroughly flatten the structure, killing 16 militants.


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