ISIS Infiltrators Get Repeatedly Exploded By Guided Missiles

first published on March 12, 2017 by

ISIS infiltrators attempt to entrench themselves on the strategic high ground of the Makhoul Mountains west of Kirkuk. They are observed and then engaged by Iraqi troops using anti tank guided missiles.

Although the use of expensive ATGMs against dismounted ground troops seems wasteful, and the effectiveness questionable, the viewer needs to understand that closing with Islamic State jihadists can be unnecessarily risky, as they are willing to blow themselves up at any minute.

Also, one would assume that these Iraqi troops first attempted to call close air support and were denied, most likely because almost all available CAS would be giving priority to the ongoing battle in and around Mosul. Additionally, mortars would seem like the perfect tool for the job, however, the ATGM may have been the only suitable weapon they had on hand, and they felt the need to engage the insurgents before they became entrenched in more defendable positions.


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