Operation Inherent Resolve Dominating ISIS With Indirect Fire

first published on September 17, 2018 by

Coalition members from around the world taking indirect fire shots at the Islamic State as part of Operation Inherent Resolve’s continuing mission.

Indirect Fire

Members of the Islamic State really don’t understand the true power and might that they are up against on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. On top of having every other organized terror organization and nation out to kill them, they are also dealing with the full might of Operation Inherent Resolve’s artillery and air power. With nations from around the world bringing their best trained Soldiers and strongest indirect and direct fire support platforms to the battlefield, it’s a wonder that the group has even managed to survive for as long as they have.

On top of fighting the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, Free Syrian Army, Syrian Defense Force, and a number of nation’s special operations teams, the Islamic State is now fighting a near constant barrage of fire support wherever they roam. Whenever the group is caught in the open, they face an automatic reaction from air support platforms from every nation taking part in Operation Inherent Resolve. Whenever those air platforms go off-station, the Islamic State is then presented with a constant barrage of indirect fire support weapon systems that pound them into submission at every move.

While the Islamic State may be able to sustain operations for some time in these conditions, their drastically reduced combat capabilities are becoming more and more apparent every single day. Propaganda releases from the organization have slowed to a near stop, and their combat operations have turned from all out assaults and ambushes into slow moving, tiny logistics trains that are hammered the second they are discovered. At the current rate of operations, and the level of opposition the organization currently faces in both Iraq and Syria, one can only wonder how much longer they can remain a relevant and viable combat force on the battlefields there.


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