ISIS Patrol Cut In Half By Direct Hit From Drone

first published on February 7, 2016 by

An unsuspecting ISIS patrol is hit by an Iraqi Air Force drone overhead. They had enough time to hear the bomb falling, but were unable to escape.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense has released drone footage of strikes against Daesh in Mkeshivh, and Al Bohgel, Iraq. Both airstrike in this video were insanely effective, and stopped attacks that were being conducted against the Iraqi Military.

The first clip in this video is an airstrike on an armored ISIS SVBIED that was moving directly towards an Iraqi Army outpost in Al Bohgel.

After that, there is another video of an airstrike that directly impacted with an ISIS foot patrol in the open. The impact of the airstrike was a direct hit on the center of the patrol, effectively cutting it in half while they were on the move. The fighters were on their way to interdict Iraqi Army ground operations in Mkeshivh.