ISIS Fighters Overran Before They Can Get Their Shoes On

first published on April 27, 2016 by

A Jihad organization known as Alwiya al-Furqan, fighting in the Quneitra region of southern Syria, overrun an ISIS position before they can their shoes on.

This premeditated attack against a Daesh position happens so fast that the Daeshbags can’t even get their shoes on. The attack itself is conducted by an Islamic Jihad organization known as Alwiya al-Furqan. They have primarily been operating in southern Syria, and have been regularly clashing with Daesh.

The attack is carried out with the utmost violence of action. Daesh fighters scramble around looking for their shoes and weapons, but the al-Furqan fighters are on them so fast that they don’t even have a chance. Most are captured or killed within the first minute of the attack.


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