ISIS Fake IDs in Marawi, Including “U.S. Royal 3rd Lord 17 Star General”

first published on July 28, 2017 by

A total of 59 suspected ISIS-linked Maute militants are in the custody of the Philippines Military after trying to sneak into Marawi City to reinforce Islamist fighters. Of those, 27 attempted to disguise themselves as legitimate military operatives with uniforms and fake IDs.

fake ids

At the same time, unverified photos have surfaced on Filipino social media news sites, showing supposedly-recovered identification cards from the would-be infiltrators. The credentials are ridiculous and either point to a hilarious online hoax, or incredible stupidity on the part of the jihadists.

The fake IDs shown in the photos are heavily photoshopped, (probably MS Paint) showing uniforms with multiple nations flags and nonsensical ranks and positions poorly pasted together.

fake ids

The highest ranking among them was a “U.S. Royal 3rd Lord 17 Star General!!!” With that kind of rank, it’s hard to believe anyone had the balls to question his identity, let alone make make direct eye contact.

The fighting in Marawi is ongoing, and the Philippines Armed Forces are getting a first-hand lesson in the difficulty of facing an insurgency that is ingrained and supported by the local population. The jihadists have been reportedly surrounded for weeks, yet they do not run out of weapons, ammunition, equipment, or fighters. As a result, the status of martial law that was only supposed to last 60 days, has now been extended to the end of the year.

According to reports, 630 lives have been lost in the conflict, including 471 jihadists, 45 civilians, and 114 government soldiers. The following video shows a recent heroic recovery operation by the Philippines Military.


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