Another ISIS Failure: Syrian Rebels Repel and Successfully Counter-Attack Daesh Near Daraa

first published on February 13, 2017 by

Daesh militants attack Syrian rebels Ahrar al-Sham in Syria’s southern Daraa countryside. The rebels quickly repel the assault and counter-attack with tanks and heavy weapons. Is there anyone who’s not beating up on ISIS right now?

The below video is purportedly from a recent failed daesh operation in the southern Daraa countryside. Daesh occupies a small pocket in the southwest of Syria – along the Israeli occupied Golan Heights and Jordanian borders and hemmed in to the east by the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Launching an attack on the village of Hayt, ISIS was repelled by Syrian opposition group Ahrar al-Sham.

Map Courtesy of @FSAPlatform on twitter

Ahrar al-Sham is one of the larger factions presently fighting in Syria. Though it tries to promote close ties with the “moderate” FSA, they’ve worked alongside and fought against al-Qaeda on several occasions. In this video, they’re attacked and repel an ISIS assault with seeming ease. Hitting daesh with a tank and multiple heavy weapons, the battle allegedly lasted at least two days before ISIS was defeated.

The so-called Islamic State hasn’t been doing too well lately. Once spanning territory in two countries, encompassing millions of people, and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue – they’re now relegated to several small isolated pockets scattered throughout Iraq and Syria. Nearly defeated on all fronts, priorities have shifted towards other extremist or rebel groups and these last few bastions of the fleeting caliphate are all that remain.

However, until these pockets are fully liberated and their daesh defenders completely eradicated, opportunities for hit and run attacks against the surrounding areas will likely persist. These guerilla style attacks and their continued use as a propaganda tool, will aid in recruitment and incite loyalties from other extremist groups as far afield as the Philippines, central Africa, and Europe. Fortunately, daesh’s ineptness during operations and constant defeats have taken away their biggest advantage – fear. They’re little more than well-armed thugs, and everyone now knows it.


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