SAA Blasts ISIS Enclave Ahead of Offensive in Southern Damascus

first published on April 20, 2018 by

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allies begin an offense against the remaining ISIS enclave in Yarmouk refugee camp in Southern Damascus. Softening the jihadist enclave with all manner of heavy weapons, indirect fire, and relentless airstrikes before an inevitable ground assault.

The SAA and its allies have begun preemptive shelling and airstrikes on one of the final pockets of resistance remaining in the Damascus suburbs. After the recent brutal campaign to seize Eastern Ghouta was successful, the Assad regime now appears poised to eject the lingering so-called Islamic State from the Yarmouk refugee camp outside Syria’s capital.

ISIS wrestled control of most of the former Palestinian refugee camp from fellow extremist group al-Qaeda this past February. Elements from both jihadist groups now remain besieged in the shrinking pocket as the noose continues to tighten.

Following the successful eastern Ghouta operation, the SAA has experienced and well-equipped units available in the region and is reportedly reinforced by several Palestinian militias. Taking advantage of the strategic and logistical situation, the supplied and equipped regime forces will likely begin their assault in the next few days.

The recent video details the highly active front lines, with armored units firing from prepared positions on the outskirts of the urban neighborhood. The anterior buildings are slowly reduced to rubble by main-gun rounds from tanks, BMP’s, and a ZSU-23. The SAA ammo dumps on suspected ISIS fighting positions while visible explosions from artillery and airstrikes rip the interior of the enclave.

The clock is now ticking on the fall of Yarmouk and its extremist’s defenders. The savage SAA bombardments and the inevitable ground assault will almost certainly liberate the territory in the next few months, if not weeks. Luckily, it’s ISIS and al-Qaeda trapped together in Yarmouk. Why not kill two jihadists with one GBU?


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