Peshmerga Shoot Down ISIS Drone With Massive Ammo Expenditure

first published on January 28, 2017 by

Peshmerga forces of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) light up the sky with a massive ammunition expenditure to neutralize an ISIS drone that was reconnoitering their position east of Mosul.

As you’ve seen in our recent articles, Islamic State unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become increasingly detrimental to the coalition force’s security. Although the Peshmerga were able to bring down the drone, the matter in which they did was extremely inefficient regarding the use of ammo. There was also an apparent risk of fratricide to the men standing on the berm.

The Pentagon is working on counter UAV assets to jam guidance systems, as well as use lasers to all out destroy hostile drones. However, the estimated time of delivery for such assets is the year 2020, and the question remains as to whether the Pentagon would employ such new technology on the Iraqi battlefield.